What if I told you that MettaWorks coaches are actually interpersonal energy healers?

Blog | September 13, 2022

Yes, we are executive coaches who work with tech leaders.

Yes, the MettaWorks methodology is rooted in decades of hands-on experience in how leaders at the highest levels of their organizations (actually) work, succeed or fail. 

And yes, our unique, multidisciplinary approach brings together the most effective tools for developing an unwavering inner compass and fine-tuned interpersonal skills required to manage conflict, resolve issues, gain buy-in for your strategic decisions, and wield your influence to powerfully implement your vision, so our clients become the respected, sought-after leaders they know they can be—without sacrificing their values or integrity.

Hundreds of leaders have come through our exclusive agency and had work- and life-changing results. They come back with stories like:

“People are responding to me completely differently, and not just in my company! Other leaders in my industry now look to me as leader and advisor.”

C-suite colleagues report: “I don’t know what you did, but [client name] is a different person.” 

“It’s so much easier, Rachel. People follow me, and I’m not pushing like I used to, like I thought I had to… Nothing has changed, but everything has changed.

Here is the thing that I’ve been quieter about (until now): 

The way we interact with our people, with each other, is energetic. 

The skillset our clients learn go beyond Relationship Skills 101 into shifting the energy they bring to the room. Because the energy you bring to any situation or relationship is the energy you receive.

That is why learning how to interact with your people, how to cultivate the relationships that are the currency of your leadership at this level, begins with YOU, and cultivating a relationship with yourself. 

Quantum physics has already confirmed that most physical reality is actually empty space, and what appears solid and “real” is what you choose it to be. Our intention shapes waves of energy interacting with other waves of energy. Nothing is “real” until we observe it, until we turn our attention to it. Hence why, when we heal and master our inner world, we master our “outer” world.

Energetics impact our interpersonal relationships, in ways that we can’t afford to ignore as leaders. Thoughts and emotions both have energy. If you say one thing, but think another, it won’t come out the same; it won’t be received the same way. 

Example: If you say to a team member, “You did a great job!” but inwardly, you’re thinking, You’re an idiot… “You did a great job” SOUNDS differently. If you’ve been on the receiving end of a mixed message like this one, you’ve felt the difference. 

Another way to think of energetics is as the nonverbal experience or vibe that we’re emanating to the world.

THIS is actually the work that Mettaworks does, and the secret to our “magic.” 

Except, it isn’t magic. It’s just energetics: becoming aware of the unseen world of thought, emotion, and vibration that truly powers our interactions, and learning the skills to master this world. 

Showing up as the best leader you can be means going deeper than a superficial skillset to manage relationships; it requires engaging with yourself and your energy differently. If you’re ready to take a quantum leap as a leader, let’s talk.

Rachel Rider
Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant