“Work is where your demons go to hide.”

“Who You Are Is How You Lead” by Rachel L. Rider

No one talks about the isolation of leadership. 

No one tells you that as a leader, you are required to answer unanswerable questions, alone. 

The good news is, once you’ve done your inner work, the unsolvable problems present their own solutions. Who You Are Is How You Lead is a map to your inner world.

Again and again, master coach and MettaWorks founder, Rachel L. Rider, witnessed powerful leaders faced with problems they couldn’t solve. And these problems had to be solved – if they weren’t, businesses would crumble. Livelihoods were at stake. And yet they had no idea where to turn for help. They didn’t think they could ask for help.

Through Rachel’s own personal experience, her extensive training in several disciplines and the coaching she’s done with  hundreds of leaders, she has observed that the way to step into your power as a leader is to first go inward. 

It takes tuning into your body, becoming fluent in your body’s neurological mechanisms to shift your thinking, feeling and behavior so that you can lead with ease, vision, and clarity. 

Who You Are Is How You Lead (Muse Literary; $24.99 hardcover), Rider’s first book released in March, 2023, is all about doing the inner work, and what no one tells you about leadership. 

Over the course of 153 pages, Rider shares the proprietary methodology she’s developed to help hundreds of clients transform their relational skills, elevate their leadership, and excel. 

Who You Are Is How You Lead is part workbook and part educational narrative. Throughout, Rider recreates sessions with clients to demonstrate how it looks for leaders struggling with relatable issues – sharp-elbowed founders tanking team morale; micro-managing CEOs causing workflow bottlenecks; unacknowledged systemic privilege at the forefront of decision-making – to reach the realizations that allow them to pivot, grow, and thrive. And, sprinkled in is Rider’s own journey developing the MettaWorks method, and doing the work herself. 

Publisher name: Muse Literary
ISBN: 978-1-958714-71-3
Price: Hardcover $24.99 / paperback $15.99
Page count: 153 
Release date: 3/27/2023

For media inquiries, contact: author@mettaworks.io

“You first have to attend to the relationship you have with yourself. It is vital to know yourself in order to know how to be successful with other people.

Rachel L. Rider

Rachel Rider founded MettaWorks in 2015 after a distinguished career in HR, receiving executive coaching certification from Columbia University, and extensive training in meditation, Somatic Experiencing, and Polarity Therapy. Starting as HR Business Partner responsible for developing and coaching leaders and teams at Bloomberg, she went on to specialize in leadership coaching at AppNexus (since acquired by AT&T) and Digital Ocean, the third-largest hosting company in the world. She studied under renowned teacher and Zen Mountain Monastery founder John Daido Loori Roshi for 13 years before continuing under his successor, Shugen Arnold Roshi. Rider completed a three-year intensive certification in Somatic Experiencing in 2018, and a 2020 training in Polarity Therapy with the aim of bringing leaders tools to unlock effective, long-lasting change in concert with the body. Since 2020, she’s been working intensively with anti-racism coach Makeda Pennycooke. Rider lives in New York with her husband and two children.

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