Metta (in the) Media

How To Be Awesome At Your Job

Rachel shares visualization and other approaches to gain individualized insights on improving your leadership.

Soul of Business

Rachel discusses the importance of honoring our authentic selves while taking into account the impact our behavior has on other people.

The Aligned Female Entrepreneur

Rachel shares strategies and tools to uplevel your leadership skills and delve deeper into inner work so you can confidently and fully show up for your team, clients, and yourself.

Soul of Business

In this episode, Rachel talks about spirituality, trauma, and power dynamics in leadership and personal growth.

Best Business Minds

It’s not just about what you get done or the tasks completed. It’s also about the relationships you cultivate in the process.

Women Who Build Empires

This podcast provides specific examples and tools on how to dispel negative habits, limiting beliefs and thought patterns that keep you from being the naturally high performing leaders you are meant to be.

Shine On!
Inspiration for Health & Happiness

Hear Rachel work with Kacey to help her understand how her own demons show up in her workplace and how to work with them in a kind and effective way.

Extraordinary Women Radio

Learn Rachel’s origin story and what made her, as a 13 year old, start attending week long silent meditation retreats and how that informs her work today.

Talking To Teens

Listen to how being a good leader translates to being a good parent!

Profiles In Leadership

Listen to Rachel discuss specific examples of how paying attention to your interpersonal relationships at the highest levels of your organization profoundly affect your success as a leader.


Hear how Rachel talks about understanding your behaviors are key to strengthening workplace relationships, and what behaviors might be getting in the way.

Psych Up

Rachel discusses the tools that she uses to help leaders understand that people are the deliverables, and that the relationship we have with ourselves is the key relationship.

Pro$perity Place

Listen about how Rachel draws from both traditional and alternative modalities, including Somatic Experiencing, Polarity Therapy, Zen Buddhism, Inner Relationship Focusing, and anti-racism.

Cracking the Entrepreneur Bottleneck

Listen in as Rachel talks about how successful leaders are challenging the leadership norms and disrupting the status quo.

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