MettaWork’s Commitment to Antiracism and it’s ongoing Journey

Antiracism is inextricable

from the work we do at MettaWorks.

Self-examination, reflection and self-regulation require each of us to step back, assess our surroundings and comprehend the systems acting on our identities. It requires that we look inward to bring about changes we want to see outwardly, in our own lives.

At MettaWorks, we believe understanding and acknowledging systemic racism is the first step. Acknowledgement starts to disrupt internalized racist thinking, beliefs, and patterns that can intentionally or unintentionally harm others. Acknowledgement is elemental to successful leadership.

We are a company committed to
the work of antiracism

Each individual on our team commits to unequivocally believe the lived experience of people of the global majority. We strive to listen to and honor the stories of BIPOC individuals without judgment or preconceived notions.

All team members  receive ongoing training and support from a Black, Indigenous or person of the global majority, antiracism coach. 

We commit to actively examining and challenging our own unconscious biases, as well as how we may unwittingly perpetuate racist ideologies within MettaWorks, as a company and the modalities used to support leaders.

On staff, we welcome all regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or religious background and seek to increase our team’s diversity by recruiting widely and closely examining our own internal and company recruiting biases. 

As Founder & CEO, I, Rachel Rider, acknowledge:

I have lived, and often still do live, in a white bubble. I have benefited and continue to benefit from white privilege.

Three years ago, I would not have been able to say this. I wouldn’t have been able to identify how much of my own upbringing and journey was aided by being white. 

My perspective changed after a series of events led me to confront the harm my privilege causes people of the global majority. After first overcoming shame, I learned to lean into curiosity about what it means to be white, and what it means to benefit from an inherently racist system. The work of antiracism, as I see it, is acknowledging systemic racism within ourselves so that we can unravel the harmful structures and show up better in the world and in our lives. 

Here at MettaWorks, our team is not as diverse as we hope it will one day become. Internally, we are working to create a culture that celebrates all voices; a space for healing that equally values the thoughts and lived experiences of each individual; a space for joy, powerful intentionality and accountability.

We will make mistakes. That is the only way to do this work. When we do we will acknowledge them and bring curiosity to them so that we can change our behavior moving forward. We won’t back away from opportunities for growth. 

My commitment to antiracism is lifelong. To quote my own coach, Makeda Pennycooke, the antiracism work we are doing today is work we may not see in this lifetime, but in the lifetimes to come. 

This is a living document and will be revisited quarterly.

Rachel L. Rider

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