Lead with ease, influence and impact

See the Forest and the Trees

At the top, emotional intelligence is your most valuable currency. This is because true leaders bring out the best in the individuals around them. They hold the macro and the micro view, then carve a clear path forward with confidence and ease.

The unspoken job description of impactful leadership is mastery of the inner game – the integration of emotional intelligence with clear strategy.

Drive exponentially greater results.

The key? Honing your emotional intelligence to stay true to your authentic self , shift how you habitually react and lead in a balanced way that safeguards your time and energy.

(Yes, it is possible & we will show you how.)

Who You Are

  • Founder at the helm of your own technology company
  • Seasoned executive, ready to expand impact
  • Newly promoted C-suite executive
  • Senior leader starting new role
  • Leader in the high-growth technology space

Your Challenges

  • Having sharp elbows”—unintentionally hurting other’s feelings while trying to drive results
  • Sayingno” as a knee-jerk response, frustrating team and collaborators
  • Over-accommodating—promising more than your team can deliver
  • Your leadership growth has plateaued—and for you, status quo is not an option

Our Solutions

The MettaWorks Method is rooted in decades of hands-on experience in how tech leaders (actually) work, succeed or fail. 

Our multidisciplinary approach brings together the most effective tools for developing an unwavering inner compass and fine-tuned EQ, so you can manage conflict, resolve issues, make strategic decisions, and appropriately wield your influence to powerfully implement your vision. 

You become the respected, sought-after leader you know you can be—without sacrificing your values or integrity.

1:1 Coaching

Personalized, custom coaching through our highest level of individual support.

Leadership Mastermind

Year-long, high-level program, enabling you to hone your skills as an influencer, along with other Masterminds.

Next Level Impact

90-day introductory program, enabling you to revolutionize your influence from the inside-out.

Our Results

Work With Us

Only when you leverage your full emotional, intellectual, and somatic resources—and get them to work in concert—can you advance to the next level of your leadership. 

Ready to be the highly effective leader you know you can be? Sign up here to schedule a no-obligation, exploratory call:

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