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Solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems appear
once you’ve done the inner work.

who you are

  • You are the decision maker, visionary, architect, and creator.
  • Your actions impact the lives and livelihoods of others.
  • You are familiar with the landscape of your emotions, and curious to learn more.
  • You seek out avenues to increase your self-awareness. You have explored and experienced therapy and meditation; you have a spiritual practice or have worked with another executive coach. 
  • You are excited to integrate different approaches to leadership that enable you to be the change you wish to see in the world. 
  • You are dedicated to investing in your own growth. You seek access to your most authentic and powerful self.

your challenges

  • You struggle to enjoy your success.
  • You hesitate to speak your truth in key moments.
  • You feel out of control when delegating; grappling with how to lead without overseeing every detail.
  • You notice signs that your “inner world” is in charge: you react defensively, feel like everything is urgent; you’re constantly overwhelmed; you avoid challenges. 
  • Your typical responses to difficult situations are not working, but you are not sure what to do differently.
  • You have a vision, but others are not adopting it as their own.

Shiven Ramji Chief Product Officer, Auth0
I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Rachel for more than three years at hypergrowth companies where she is actively helping my team, and I level up how we operate and grow as leaders and work together more effectively. Rachel’s work has directly impacted the team’s culture, behavior, and performance, ultimately delivering the desired business outcomes.
Lesley Hicks Associate Director of HR, Vimeo
Rachel worked with several members of management in the Engineering team at Squarespace. Our leaders were very impressed with her ability to listen, empathize and diagnose issues as well as provide specific, tangible action items to help address areas of focus. The results of the engagements were so positive that other leaders began requesting to work with her also.
Avigail Dadone Chief People Officer, Diligent
I have worked with Rachel for many years in various capacities and can say she is truly one in a million. She is intensely passionate about what she does and the value she brings to the organizations she works with is beyond impressive. She can take challenging and ambiguous subject matter and turn it into an actionable discussion and learning, based in framework and structure. I see the individual leaders who work with her walking away feeling invested in and empowered to go about their already challenging work lives with more tools and confidence to succeed.
Edward Chiu Co-Founder & CEO, Catalyst
Rachel is by far the BEST executive coach I’ve ever partnered with. Growing and improving executives is one of the most challenging things and she has done a superb job for Catalyst. The executives she’s coached have not only improved their relationships with their peers, but made drastic improvements with their direct reports. Results were clearly shown in the engagement survey scores as well as written highlights from the annual feedback reviews. If you have executives on your team that need coaching, seriously look no further.
Joel Califa Staff Product Designer, GitHub
When I was leading the Product Design team at DigitalOcean, Rachel’s coaching was invaluable. It made me a better manager, guided me through some tricky situations, and clarified what I wanted from my career. More recently, she helped me figure out the source of some productivity blockers. You come into a session thinking you have it more or less figured out, but then she asks one perfect question and it changes everything. Rachel isn’t just good, she’s consistently good, so every single session is impactful. I couldn’t recommend her more.
Jenny Buchholz CFO, Captivate LLC
In the short time I worked with Rachel, she was extremely insightful in helping me identify blind spots in my leadership style and how to address them. Working together also enabled me to become a more multi-faceted leader to guide the company in either exponential-growth or crisis mode.
Al Sene VP of Engineering, DigitalOcean
I have worked with Rachel for a few years now and have a deep appreciation and respect for her work. She has developed a holistic approach to executive coaching to uncover long held patterns that limit and hold us back. This, combined with her pragmatic and practical insights, has helped me grow considerably as a leader, be more effective in my work and continue to realize my possibilities.
Karmen Madramootoo People Experience Manager, Dashlane
I’ve worked with Rachel over the course of several months and she made such an impact on the way I coach and enable leaders or employees across the organization. With the right dose of challenge and support she managed to help me navigate my development areas and my approach towards them. Additionally, she took my feedback and implemented it in her work with me. I truly appreciate the time invested with Rachel!
Kevin Chiu Co-Founder & COO, Catalyst
As a first-time founder and young leader, I’m not sure how I lasted so long without an executive coach. Rachel has truly leveled me up in ways that I couldn’t have imagined and I wouldn’t be the leader that I am without her help on things like giving critical feedback, receiving feedback, monitoring how I show up daily, my triggers, time management, and more. Someone once told me that the best athletes in the world like Michael Jordan and Serena Williams need a coach. What makes you think you can be a founder or executive without one?
Sougata Dasgupta Business Owner, Dasgupta LLC
I have known Rachel for a long time, and I came to her as a trusted friend and colleague when I needed help with self development. It was one of the best decisions in my career! Rachel understood me, where I came from, and asked me poignant and thoughtful questions that allowed me to explore the genesis of my leadership style, beliefs, and values. As a result I was able to make one of the most significant moves of my life and my career. I wholeheartedly recommend that you take up the opportunity to have Rachel be your executive coach – you will completely transform your outlook on leadership!
Rafael Mojica VP of User Experience, DigitalOcean
Rachel has been an invaluable ally on my development as a leader. She has helped me identify my strengths and use my competitive advantage. Her style helped me work through challenges and find the hidden lessons in what I went through. Rachel is also great at pushing me to the next level so that I’m in constant growth mode. One day, I suddenly realized I’m a better leader than the first time I had a conversation with her. I would definitely not be where I am without Rachel’s coaching.
Rochelle Sonnenberg Community Program Manager, Microsoft
It was wonderful working with Rachel. She was incredibly thoughtful in ensuring that I was making growth and progress in each coaching session. She ensured that we were always on the right track towards my reaching my larger goals. After our coaching, I left with a greater sense of direction and confidence towards my career. I now have the job and salary that I’ve always wanted. I highly recommend working with Rachel.
Rich Vincent Director, Talent & Organizational Dev, Knotel
I’ve had the pleasure of using Rachel as an individual coach for executives and as part of larger leadership programs for a few years now and her ability to produce successful results is exceptional. Her insight, ability to create great rapport and trust give her the highest credibility with her clientele. Her focus on tangible tasks ensures considerable impact. I actively seek opportunities to utilize her services.
Alex Pearl HR Business Partner, Samsara
I had the pleasure of working with Rachel during our time at DigitalOcean. Rachel is a thoughtful, strategic partner to all leaders she supports. Her past experience advising business leaders, combined with her exemplary coaching abilities, is what makes Rachel a value add to all organizations and the clients she supports. She is an extraordinary executive coach, delivering outcomes through coaching that are transformative and business aligned. Her coaching abilities also translate to her being a skillful facilitator, whether that’s in a classroom setting or live feedback session. She is truly one of a kind!
Lyndsey Dyer Vice President of Human Resources, Clio
Rachel and I worked together to launch the internal Coaching function at DigitalOcean. During that time, I was consistently impressed by Rachel’s strategic capabilities, her incredibly strong intuition, and her ability to connect meaningfully with her clients and colleagues at every level. I was honoured to bare witness to the transformative impact she had on individual leaders, as well as on key leadership teams and the business as a whole. The value she added to our team and organization is truly immeasurable.
Sierra Holtzheuser VP of Growth & Partnerships, myBlueprint
Alison is an incredible coach. I have developed an awareness of my character strengths and how to apply them in my day-to-day interactions with my employees and CEO. I have critically evaluated how I manage my energy. As a result, I have a new found confidence in myself and my capabilities as a VP.
Faye Trapani Principal, Partner Development, Big Tech
Through my work with Alison, I have been able to integrate tools and techniques that have helped me successfully navigate complicated and fraught situations and interpersonal relationships in my work. I have a deeper awareness of the connection of body and mind, and how it impacts my performance and day to day experiences on the job. As a result, I find myself maintaining clarity and ease in high stress situations.
Laura Lawson Executive Dean, Rutgers University
I started working with Alison because I was losing sleep over stepping into a leadership role where I inherited an organization that needed reforms and was rife with interpersonal conflict. As a result of our work together, I have been able to navigate complex problems with a sense of confidence and calm. Through her help and acknowledging my own response to situations, I find space to respond to myself and others with compassion and more clarity. After each session with Alison, I always feel like I’ve had an amazing workout. It isn’t about what I should or could do in any particular situation, it is about who I want to be as an individual, how I want to approach my work and relationships as a healthy, calm, and feeling person.
Amy Lafko Keynote Speaker, Author and CEO
When I started working with MettaWorks, my business was struggling. I knew it wasn’t because of products or skills, it was because of me- my mindset and how I was viewing things. Since working with Rachel, I have a sense of calm, confidence and clarity. I have let go of the limiting beliefs that were holding me (and the company) back. I appreciate Rachel’s patience, persistence and compassion. She has a way of digging “gently” so that together we can uncover the truth and work through it.

Through Your Work with MettaWorks:

You transform habitual behavior and mindset patterns. Ways of being that once kept you stuck become tools that help you navigate impossible situations with confidence.

You become adept at making quick, incisive choices in every arena of life. By getting in touch with your values and inner strengths, and by removing fear and resistance, you allow your innate wisdom to step forward. 

You foster buy-in, even in the face of disagreement. As a result of your ability to stand firm in your authentic voice, you will be able to read those around you and adapt your leadership style.

You experience a greater sense of ease in your life. Unlock the messages in your nervous system and incorporate the body’s intelligence into your decision making.

1:1 Coaching

Through inner work, you lead from your authentic self, and stand
in the fullest expression of your innate power.

Our 1:1 coaching is tailored to your needs and leverages the proprietary MW method,
integrating tools rarely seen in the coaching world.

Our coaches support you in taking a wider view of context, situation, and habitual patterns. With our training in somatic experiencing, we focus on the “inner world” to help you leverage the intelligence that exists in your nervous system, and the wisdom in your body.

Challenges are addressed at their root cause resulting in lasting change
that you will see for years to come.

Work With Us

If you’ve found us, the inner work
has already begun.
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