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Self Awareness | February 15, 2023

No one talks about the radical isolation of leadership. 

The sleepless nights. The unanswerable questions you have to answer. 

Again and again I see truly powerful leaders facing problems with seemingly impossible solutions.

There is no option not to solve these problems – if they go unsolved, businesses crumble. Lives are on the line, and you have no idea where to turn or who to ask for help. You don’t think you can ask for help. 

This is the isolation of leadership, and no one is talking about it. 

As a leader, no one tells you that in order to answer the unanswerable questions, you have to look inward. It’s only once you get in touch with yourself, and the neurological mechanisms at play, that you can lead with power, vision, and clarity.

Once you’ve done the inner work, the unsolvable problems present their own solutions. 

I’ve written about this many times, in many ways, but I’ve never actually come out and said what exactly we’re doing here at MettaWorks, until now.

Who You Are Is How You Lead (Muse Literary; $24.99 hardcover), my first book, to be released in March, 2023, is all about how to do the inner work, and what no one tells you about leadership. 

Pre-Order your copy of Who You Are Is How You Lead

Since founding MettaWorks in 2015, I’ve witnessed remarkable transformations in my clients’ lives. Profound, life-changing, career-boosting and measurable transformations.

Yet, still, people have a hard time talking about the work we do. One reason for this is coaching has been lumped with wellness, mental health care, and therapy, as if learning to lead at scale is something private you do on your own time, rather than a requirement of the job. 

I want to change that. I want everyone to know that here at MettaWorks, we help link a client’s true nature, their inner self, with the self that shows up at work. We teach clients to articulate why they want what they say they want, and how to close the gap between that and what they have. 

We give clients tools to strengthen their emotional and energetic acuity so they can make quick, incisive decisions without doubt, second-guessing, or comprising core values. 

Who You Are Is How You Lead is a comprehensive guide and workbook for powerful leaders ready to break through – or break-in – to their inner world. In the book, I pull back the curtain on the work we do in coaching sessions. I show real scenarios brought to me by clients, detail the steps we took to overcome them, and the results clients walked away with – results that are measurable, and lasting. 

Pre-order a copy of Who You Are Is How You Lead here. Or pick it up in-stores globally and through on March 27, 2023. 

And stay tuned – over the next few months, I’ll be publishing a series of posts about the contents of Who You Are Is How You Lead to give you a taste of the breadth of its contents, and show you why it’s the book you’ve always been looking for. 

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Rachel Rider
Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant