MettaWork’s Commitment to
Antiracism and it’s ongoing Journey

A Letter from its Founder, Rachel L. Rider.

Anti-racism work is deeply connected to and inextricable from the work we do here at MettaWorks. Looking at our own filters, depersonalizing systemic racism from ourselves and empowering ourselves to understand our own inner thought patterns and limiting beliefs around race is a profoundly important aspect to being a successful leader and powerful thought partner and influencer.


  • We are a company committed to the work of anti-racism. As such, all team members  receive on-going training and support in antiracism coaching with a Black, Indigenous or Person of Color trainer. 
  • We seek to increase representation on our team by ensuring our recruiting process includes a pipeline of candidates that welcomes all regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or religious background. 
  • Each individual on our team commits to unequivocally believe the lived experience of people of color. We listen and honor their stories without judgment or preconceived notions. 
  • In an effort to remove the barrier of coaching for people of color and to support people of color in stepping into more senior leadership positions and thriving in those positions, we provide a 20% discount for people of color who are private clients and to companies owned by Black, Indigenous or People of Color.
  • For White People on their journey of waking up to their whiteness we commit to holding as true: your antiracism journey is vital to your success as a leader.

As Founder & CEO, I, Rachel Rider, acknowledge:

  • I lived in a white bubble for most of my life and have benefited from my white privilege. Over the years a series of events unfolded that lead me to wake up to the harm I cause black people, indigenous people and people of color.
  • As a white person waking up to whiteness and white supremacy it can be very difficult and full of shame. Part of my personal work is to move through that shame rather than allow it to paralyze me in my antiracism work. 
  • Here at MettaWorks, we do not have as diverse a team as we would like. We are intentionally working to create the kind of space where all people, regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or religious background, feel seen and heard.
  • My antiracism journey never ends. It is life long and on-going work.

This is a living document and will be consistently revisited quarterly and updated appropriately.

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