MettaWorks partners with executives & leaders in
technology to amplify their influence and impact.

The MettaWorks Method

If relationships are the paths that carry your influence,your interpersonal skills draw your map, and your authentic self becomes your compass. The MettaWorks Method teaches you how to cultivate all three by developing your emotional intelligence.

  • Cultivating self-awareness, allows you to operate from a place of choice. Imagine your seemingly involuntary reactions and habits as something that you have control over where you can assess what serves you and cultivate only those that make you successful.
  • Mastering your nervous system, transforms it into a valuable partner in your success. Imagine being able to interact with people and focus on your work without overwhelming feelings of anxiety or anger.
  • Regulating and appropriately expressing emotions to better influence and lead effectively. Think of calmly voicing your concerns rather than blowing up at a colleague (the result of being overstimulated and reactive).
  • Mapping how you wish to contribute as a proactive, authentic leader. Dream into your big vision, your legacy—and then make it happen.

The MettaWorks Team

The Meaning of Metta

Metta is from the Pali word that translates to Loving Kindness.
We take our name to heart.

MettaWorks donates 10% of its profits to organizations dedicated to relieving the suffering of all sentient beings, a premise fundamental to Zen Buddhism. 

Zen Mountain Monastery offers spiritual seekers a rare refuge to engage the Buddhist teachings through Zen training, cultivating compassion for themselves and the world around them. They have committed to racial justice and diversity.

The Tsoknyi Humanitarian Foundation allows for the continuance of an ancient wisdom tradition, increasing opportunities for women to pursue education and training as nuns. (Obstacles to practice and survival persist, driving nuns from Tibet into more accommodating countries such as Nepal.) 

The Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls, where resources and initiatives are collaborative and prioritize opportunity, access, validation and healing.

Our Manifesto

Here’s what we stand for…

  • Racial equality and anti-discrimination for their own sake are paramount to a successful future.
  • Successful relationships are key to the next level of success
  • Every person is resourceful and whole. (No one is broken or needs to be fixed.)
  • The work of MettaWorks is to remove roadblocks, increasing access to wholeness.
  • Emotions feel overwhelming when we don’t trust our own capacity to hold them.
  • Self-regulation includes feeling; life naturally ebbs and flows, and our emotions with it. Self-regulation means trusting that we can navigate those ebbs and flows, and even enjoy them.
  • Thoughts aren’t always true—or set in stone. Knowing and trusting that fact opens the possibility for deep change.
  • Curiosity without judgment is one of the tools that cuts through stuckness.
  • By leveraging the nervous system, people have access to tools—superpowers, really—that we can use to overcome our blind spots and as a result. We gain clarity we didn’t realize we had.
  • We can better navigate and regulate seemingly involuntary responses. Past experiences may get us stuck in certain places, but it is possible to get unstuck. (At MettaWorks, we show you how.)
  • There’s a Buddhist teaching: if we treat emotions as information, they become powerful tools. They don’t have to overcome us; they can inform us.
  • The closer we get to who we are, the more aligned our voice is with what we believe, the more successful we are, and the better we feel.
  • When there’s alignment between head, heart, and spirit, we are powerful beyond measure.
  • There’s a Buddhist teaching that when we come together as a community, we rub against each other and become smooth, like stones in a river. (It’s a gift when we come in contact with friction because the friction is our opportunity to improve).
  • Being in community is vital to being a powerful leader.
  • Community validates our experience. We see our experience reflected back to us as shared, normal. Community also opens one’s world up and fosters new perspectives. It’s both of those things.
  • Innovation happens in community. All perspectives are valid and should be represented.
  • Diversity is just smart. You don’t want everyone in the room or on your team to be “like-minded,” because then you have a blind spot.
  • Community and diversity, together, not only normalize our own experiences; they also inspire. They push us to be more, and take us outside our box. They expand our worldview.


Alison Deutsch

Leadership Coach

Alison is a results-oriented leadership coach who partners with leaders in tech to unlock their potential and achieve results through cultivating their emotional intelligence. Alison has extensive experience working with leaders to help them communicate effectively cross functionally, drive alignment and accountability within their teams. She works with leaders to foster buy-in and break down silos through influencing effectively, with or without authority. In addition to her ICF credential in executive coaching, she has earned certifications in positive psychology and happiness studies which lead her to focus on implementing solutions that address root causes. Alison asks powerful questions that draw out her client’s inherent wisdom while also sharing science-backed strategies that lead to lasting behavioral change. Appreciating that insight alone cannot sustain positive transformation, she marries mindset shifts to actionable plans, behavioral changes and concrete leadership skills resulting in profound results for her clients. Alison’s coaching is uniquely informed by her professional experiences as a corporate executive and an entrepreneur. Before becoming an Executive Coach, Alison spent 15 years working at IBM and Pepsi-Cola in marketing, strategic planning, and finance. She also has her MBA from NYU Stern School of Business. She has coached entrepreneurs and leaders in tech including companies such as Facebook, Workday, Box and Google.

Rachel Rider

Founder and Master Coach

Rachel began her career at Bloomberg as an HR Business Partner, responsible for hiring, terminating, developing, and coaching leaders and teams. From there, she specialized in leadership coaching at  AppNexus (since acquired by AT&T), and Digital Ocean, the third-largest hosting company in the world.

This hands-on experience gave Rachel insight into the most pressing issues for leaders at every level. She earned an executive coaching certification from Columbia University and founded MettaWorks LLC, an executive coaching and leadership consulting company.

From a young age, Rachel cultivated a serious meditation practice. Studying under renowned teacher and Zen Mountain Monastery founder John Daido Loori Roshi for 13 years, she continued her studies under Shugen Arnold Roshi, his successor. Based on this experience, mindfulness is a core element of the MettaWorks Method.

Even with deep, consistent meditation, Rachel found that her nervous system remained on high alert and saw that her clients struggled with the same. She studied and integrated Somatic Experiencing into the MettaWorks method, immersing herself in the requisite three-year intensive certification.

Rachel also trained in Polarity Therapy, body and energy work similar to acupressure and Reiki, to help clients balance and restore energy flow to increase their effectiveness as leaders.

Ever improving and deepening the method she brings to her clients, Rachel is currently studying and integrating Inner Relationship Focusing, a psychotherapeutic process for healing one’s inner self to access the positive energy and insights that move our lives forward.

The MettaWorks Method is a synthesis of many different modalities rarely experienced in the professional world. Combined, they are incredibly powerful.

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Operations Manager

Sara manages all the behind-the scene details that keep MettaWorks humming, allowing our team to focus on serving our clients.

Sara brings 11+ years’ experience as an office manager, administrative assistant, and conference planner, including 5+ years at the helm of her own company, Triumph VA.