Build Your Business

As a business owner we can have a deep personal investment in the health, maintenance and direction of our business. It is important to be able to create time and space to step back and make thoughtful and informed decisions on how we want to move our business forward in a way that meets our financial goals and aligns with who we are as an owner and a human being.

Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

How coaching can help you build your business:

When you launch your own business, you are the one running everything soup to nuts. You are making sure the client work is delivered, the books are balanced and the brand is maintained. As your business grows it can be difficult to trust this meticulous work to others, to implement infrastructure that allows you to pay attention to the bigger questions of scale and strategy. And yet, in order to get to the place you want to be, something needs to change. Through our work together, we will help you prioritize in a different way. We will help you identify feedback loops that ensure the quality of work is maintained without you doing it all. We will help you start imagining what you want for your company long term, and create a map of how you can get there.

Creating new patterns of behavior as a business owner can be difficult. These are the patterns of behavior that allowed you to get your business off the ground, that ensured a stable income, that created your strong reputation. And yet, these are also the behaviors that might be getting in the way of increasing your revenue, of having a life with more balance, of taking your business to the next level. Our work together will help you honor the core values that are most important to the way you operate while shifting behavior to maximize your income and activate the long term vision of your company.

When we run our own business we often know what is best for our business. We know the direction we are moving and the big picture plan. This clarity does not always translate directly to our people – whether those working for us, with us, or our clients. It is important they understand the big picture, the “why.” It is important they understand what they can expect from us and that they are clear on what we expect from them. Our work together will instill master communication skills that cover communicating the big picture, articulating clear expectations, influencing effectively, gaining buy-in and navigating complex interpersonal relationships.


Rachel runs classes and workshops for groups on running a business, both privately and company sponsored.


Rachel works with individuals to identify the vision of their business, the infrastructure and systems needed, and the step by step plan to manifest that vision.