Revolutionize Your Influence
From The Inside Out​

Next Level Impact

Authentically influence others, and become the respected, sought-after leader you know you can be—while maintaining your highest values and integrity.

You are excellent at what you do, and passionate about the results you deliver.
The more senior your role, the more you are required to influence and persuade
cross-functional partners and direct reports. Your role includes gaining buy-in, engaging and motivating team members across the company, and building
strategic and collaborative partnerships. You must manage up as well as down
the organizational ladder.

At MettaWorks, we find that issues of influence fall into two distinct categories;
really, they are two sides of the same coin. Though some of us may sit in varying
ends of the spectrum, it’s all the same spectrum. 

Do either of these situations sound familiar?

The Leader Who Wants to Be Heard

  • Palms sweating, a pit in your stomach, you walk into the conference room or log into the virtual meeting.

  • Your CEO enters and your mouth goes dry. Your conviction dissolves.

  • Every meeting ends the same way: You walk out feeling like the CEO got his agenda, but you didn’t have a chance to speak. You couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

  • You have no idea how to shift the situation, repair your reputation with your CEO, and (re)instill confidence across the organization.

The Leader Who Is Misunderstood

  • Your pulse pounds at your temples when you’re told (and not for the first time) that someone’s feelings got hurt, when you were just trying to get stuff done.
  • You worry that you’re missing something because no one comes to you with their concerns or asks for your opinion.
  • You struggle with a colleague who needs to be your partner. Each exchange with them feels combative, blood rushing hotly to your face as you argue rather than discuss.
  • You feel like you’re starting to lose power over the things you loved—the initiatives you own, your team… and you don’t know how to fix it.

In both cases, the rift grows between where you are and where you want to be.
You find yourself feeling angry, impatient, and resentful.The work you love, the organization you’re dedicated to, is now a major source of stress, following you
home and keeping you up at night.

Introducing “Next Level Impact”

An innovative program for tech leaders that up-levels your leadership by harnessing the power of influence, cultivating the skills that no one else talks about for exponential results.

Instead of wasting time mediating  disagreements and clarifying misunderstandings, you and your team, partners, and cross-departmental collaborators work cohesively toward a shared vision.

They look to you as a sounding board. All while you maintain who you are at your core. Your values and integrity remain intact, becoming a part of why they respect you as the expert in the room.

You inspire the CEO and leadership team, investors, and the board alike, in support of your ideas. Your colleagues are now energized and motivated to work with you, rather than against you.

You are sought after for your input on the sort of challenges you love to solve.  You are a part of the decision making instead of receiving an update after the fact.

without second-guessing yourselfand without alienating others. As a result you make decisions quicker, you’re less distracted outside of the office and sleep better at night.

Your new leadership style elicits appreciation and respect among your colleagues, and attracts new high-level partners and stakeholders.

You experience less resistance and push-back.

you’re more relaxed, and yes, you’re happier.

You can build your influence from the inside out—authentic and aligned with who you are. And instead of wasting energy on behavior patterns that get you nowhere, you can invest in skills that move you forward, permanently.

About Rachel Rider,

creator of Next Level Impact

Bringing deep training and experience in the coaching field, founder Rachel Rider’s innovative, multilayered methodology integrates body, mind and heart, leveraging the nervous system, somatic techniques and energy flow for deep, sustainable transformation.

This kind of work is done at the level of the nervous system: “We are remapping neural pathways. That’s why it’s so profoundly effective,” explains Rider.

It is at this level where lasting change happens. You take your impact to the next level by building influence that’s sourced intrinsically, so that your presence naturally commands and inspires respect. As an authentic leader, you no longer need to demand or convince; you can move confidently forward, and people will seek you out and follow, with so much less effort. Because you’ve done the internal work.

Expert in the Tech Space, Rachel has worked extensively with leaders at companies
from start-ups to well established organizations, including:

What the Program Entails

A specialized program for leaders in tech, this is your safe place to work out the challenges you face at the top of your organization. Here, you can have the conversations you can’t share with your team, the board or organizational partners, and receive guidance and support.

Reveal the type of leader you want to be–not someone else’s vision of leadership but your own–and improve your ability to influence others.

You’ll learn how to expand your influence by understanding the root causes of conflict. We take the mind/body/emotion connection and turn it into your leadership superpower: You will discover how to partner with your nervous system to move toward calm, strength and confidence.

You’ll receive three intensive sessions over three months with a cohort of your peers. With Rachel as your guide, you will step into a new level of effective leadership that starts from the inside out.

Each session includes:

  • Curriculum based in 20+ years’ research, study and practical application, that you can put to immediate use.
  • On-the-spot, targeted coaching by Rachel Rider, the founder of MettaWorks.
  • Group discussion and breakout sessions with your peers, focused on the real-life situations you are facing right now.

3 Modules Over 3 Months

In this module, we define the grassroots foundation of your revolutionary transformation by distilling your core strengths and values. (Key word: your.)

In order to expand your influence and be a more effective leader we need to first clearly define where you are NOW and how you got here.

Then it’s time to start defining what it means to you to be an authentic leader, take an honest look as to whether you’re there yet, and clearly articulate which criteria to activate to close that gap in your leadership.

In this module, we begin to challenge the old regime. We identify the people and situations that spark unhelpful patterns of behavior within you that keep you stuck as a leader, getting clear on what triggers you.

We’ll take an unflinching look at what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to change. We will identify new behaviors to navigate and neutralize charged situations. You’ll learn and develop concrete tools that you will put to immediate use to help you regulate your nervous system, so you show up calm and even-keeled, even when you feel triggered.

We’ll do this by getting clearer on our own internal responses, understanding our value sets and how others’ conflicting values can impact how we feel about them, and how we show up with them.

In this module, we integrate your powers of influence, grounded in your authentic identity and leadership, so that you can start stepping in as the leader you envisioned, to drive high-performance results from your team and business.

We will work with your specific situation and identify immediate, applicable ways in which to enhance a relationship, foster buy-in with a stakeholder, and get you walking into meetings with ease instead of anxiety. This is where the rubber hits the road, blending vision and application.

Are you ready to revolutionize your influence, from the inside out?
Say “Yes!” to taking your impact to the next level.

Choose the Program That's Right for You

Interested in doing this work in a cohort of your peers?
Other programs include:

1:1 Coaching

Personalized, custom coaching through our highest level of individual support.

Leadership Mastermind

Year-long, high-level program, enabling you to hone your skills as an influencer, along with other Masterminds.

Next Level Impact

90-day introductory program, enabling you to revolutionize your influence from the inside-out.

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