"I reached out to Rachel when I had reached an impasse in my investment business. Change was necessary but I didn’t have a clear direction of where to go. Rachel was quick to identify the issues that were holding my company back. Her astute questioning led me down a path that I could never have imagined when we started working together. The results have been astounding and Rachel has been with me all the way, generously offering her warmth, insight, support and genuine concern."

-Business Owner, NineTails Inc


Rachel helps you dig right down into that sub-conscious and pull out the essential you, which then allows you to make the best decisions for yourself.  But one does not need to be in transition for this type of work to be of value.  I can see that it is like gym for the brain and our sub-conscious—something to keep up with in order to live the life you want to live.”  

-COO, Next Plateau Entertainment Music Label


Rachel exceeded my expectations with her grace and compassion as she provided me with one of the most valuable experiences in my career. She has a gift for expanding human thought by making you dig deep into yourself for the answers that are patiently waiting. I left each session feeling confident that I could meet my objectives with my company.”

-Co-Founder, Cryptomacy


“Rachel eased me out of my paralysis as I faced a change of jobs, and possibly careers.  She helped me transform what felt like an overwhelming task into a more approachable one by teaching me to relax into the process, and to be my own friend throughout.  With her finely-tuned perception and insight, she guided me into noticing the smallest changes in my voice and body as we explored different options, which was tremendously informative in determining the path ahead.  I felt so supported throughout our time together, and am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!”



“I have been a process and communication consultant for years.  I have rarely, if ever, experienced someone with Rachel’s capacity to notice what is charged for me even when I was unaware. She has the ability to simply ‘take people in’ in a comprehensive way that pays acute attention to tone and body language.  She then mirrors invaluable obervations back to me that  allow me to deliver on my top priorities and goals.”

-Account Manager, Solar City