+ Why MettaWorks?

MettaWorks offers the rare confluence of organizational expertise and business acumen with a deep understanding human behavior.

+ What is coaching and how does it help?

When there is sincere curiosity, there is an opportunity to profoundly change your life. Coaching can help you change to be in alignment with your true self and to identify an alternative way to operate. At MettaWorks, Rachel Rider helps you dig into: What is getting in the way? What is the true conflict? What is the best way to proceed?

+ What makes people reach out to MettaWorks for coaching?

At work we sometimes encounter high pressure environments, workplaces that may not share our values, people who can be difficult to work with, work that fails to energize and engage us. Leaders, organizations, and individuals hire MettaWorks when they have identified a need for a change, whether in themselves or in their organization. Change can be personal or organizational such as change in role, behavior, organizational strategy, or leadership style. Whatever the change needed, clients reach out looking for a partner to problem solve and dig into the underlying issues to allow for sustainable change. Where roadblocks are encountered, MettaWorks can help.

+ How can organizations benefit from coaching?

Organizations need leaders who inspire, have long term vision, and drive quality in competitive marketplaces. MettaWorks helps organizations build strong leaders, manage team dynamics, articulate organizational vision and identify plans to implement it.

+ What often happens with people in transition?

Encountering a new situation, by our own choice or not, we sometimes find that the way we’ve successfully functioned in the past may not work anymore. We find we may need to cultivate new skills to appropriately respond the new and unfamiliar situation. The catalyst may be as a result of a re-organization, a new job or an interest in pursuing a new career. Unfamiliar territory can often immobilize us. We need to understand how to leverage our existing skillset and develop new capabilities to meet the changing circumstances of our lives. At MettaWorks, Rachel Rider helps you do that.

+ What makes for a good coach?

A good coach is a partner. At MettaWorks, Rachel Rider acts as a sounding board and a mirror. She is here to listen and to ask questions that delve to the heart of the matter. Together, you uncover conflicts and roadblocks, identify strengths and successes. Rachel works with you to then create a plan of action that helps you create the change you want.

+ What makes for a good client?

When a client is open and interested in looking at the driving forces for his or her behavior, profound change can happen.

+ What can you expect from your coaching engagement?

Clients can expect to work on a personal vision that becomes the foundation of the coaching engagement. At the end of every session, you walk away with actions related to your goals. These incremental steps are chosen to fit your needs and to allow real change to happen. Steps could include writing, collecting data points, leveraging resources and more, all which align with your desire to work towards change.

+ How does MettaWorks help people change?

It’s remarkable to see how people change as a result of their time working with Rachel Rider. Clients come to MettaWorks who are afraid to speak up in meetings and leave the coaching engagement being able to use their voice thus increasing their value to their company. Clients come feeling burnt out and overworked, struggling to delegate while still maintaining quality deliverables and they leave feeling there is more space in their life while increasing their team’s productivity. Clients come feeling stuck in their career and walk away with a clear plan of where they are heading.