Career Coaching

The work that we do can be of fundamental importance to our lives. Even when it is a place where we have to spend our time, all of us would like to be engaged and challenged. Whatever our relationship with our work, having a coach to talk through big decisions can be instrumental in gaining clarity on the best way forward. Rachel Rider can help you map a successful transition whether starting a business, changing industries, changing companies or growing in the place you work.

Rachel will be your partner and guide when you are stuck, unsatisfied with where you are, uncertain about where to go next, plateaued, burnt out, or simply wondering about how to begin to think about making a change.

At MettaWorks, Rachel Rider, will work with you to clarify where you are now and help you to see beyond your current situation to other possibilities and opportunities. Rachel will help you identify your passions and what brings spark to your life.  You will explore how your passions and skills fit in with the professional world. You will identify roadblocks and how to deal with them. Finally, you will have a plan mapped out with the necessary steps for you to be successful, happy and engaged.